Find ASIA 横浜で出逢う、アジアの創造の担い手~東アジア文化都市2014横浜~|2014年8月1日(金)~11月3日(月)

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“Aquvii Art Ticket” Publication Launch Party

Aquvii Art Ticket 出版記念展示


“Aquvii”, a brand with shops in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, has now branched into another area and published the “Aquvii Art Ticket” art catalogue. Aquvii will be holding an exhibition at the Yokohama CreativeCity Center (YCC) to commemorate this publication. Consisting mainly of pieces in the catalogue, the exhibit will include a special Aquvii museum shop and feature a live performance by usaginingen among other events.
Don’t miss this chance to see the works of 13 artists gathered together under the same roof!


DATE September 20(sat.)〜 28(sun.)

September 20(sat.)  19:00〜 Opening Party
September 23(tue.)19:30〜 Live Performance by usaginingen

ARTIST HAMADARAKA / KATAYAMA Takashi / HANAWA Masayoshi / TANIMOTO Mitsutaka / Johan KLEINJAN / Maïssa TOULET / KYOTARO / IKEYA Shiro / AKAMATSU Hitode / NAGASHIMA Goro(GONGON) / KATSUMATA Hideyuki / SAKUMA Kaname / oki-chu.


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