Find ASIA 横浜で出逢う、アジアの創造の担い手~東アジア文化都市2014横浜~|2014年8月1日(金)~11月3日(月)

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Find the Snacks!

Find the Snacks!




A one-day snack event will be held at the café space produced by L PACK!

This day, plenty of heart-warming snacks made by small Japanese shops will be offered. These are all shops we love and want others to know about. The snacks are really great!

Get in touch with art at the café as you have one of these hard-to-find snacks along with special drinks only served on this day. And there will be plenty of presents, so the fun will continue when you get home.

We hope everyone who loves snacks will come.

Date 10/11(Sat)
Hour 14:00〜17:00
Capacity 30 people
Fee ¥ 2,600 (With plenty of presents)
How to reserve Reserve by e-mail with the following info.(1)number of people(2)list of participants(3)contact number(4)time preference

Send to:

Cooperated Shops Oujisama no Oyatsu(Tokyo)
Sakata Yakigashi-ten(Nagasaki)
Venue Yokohama Creativecity Center 1F Hall  (Yokoso Cocowa Cafedesu)


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