Find ASIA 横浜で出逢う、アジアの創造の担い手~東アジア文化都市2014横浜~|2014年8月1日(金)~11月3日(月)

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usaginingen Live Performance

usaginingen Live Performance

usaginingen LivePerformance


usaginingen, a group based in Berlin and performing around the world, will be graciously making an appearance with live performances during the Aquvii Art Ticket exhibit.
Have a tasty drink as you enjoy a pleasurable evening!


usaginingen [rabbit-human]
A live performance unit based in Berlin, Germany, that crafts video and music performances using unique, one-off, self-built video equipment and instruments. The unit creates works intended to be exciting and add something extra to daily life, to surprise people all over the world and make them laugh. It has performed at music festivals, art festivals and educational institutions, including the Fusion Festival (Germany), Camera Japan Festival (Netherlands) and Setouchi Art Festival (Japan). In 2014 it won Grand Prize at the Reykjavik Visual Music Festival in Iceland.

DATE September 23 (tue.)
TIME 19:00 OPEN / 19:30 START /  L PACK Standing Bar 19:00 ~ 22:00
ARTIST usaginingen


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